Cubs of Cakes

4 04 2008

Are Cupcakes!

And of course, even those sweet cubs have cubs of their own: mini-cupcakes.

Here’s a selection of some great minis from my favorite flickr pool: Cupcakes Take the Cake!

Carrot-orange cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and orange zest
Thanks, jmsluvglo!
Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Fondant Daisies
Thanks, Janset1!
Thanks, BabyCakes OKC!
Vanilla cupcake with coconut buttercream frosting
Mine! 🙂
(They had no parents though)
Chocolate-chip & cherry muffins
Also mine…

Return of the Cubs

4 04 2008

I have indeed neglected this blog for too long.

No more!

Here are some little cubs that have been piling on my camera.

A nice S. Pellegrino bottled water father & son we met at the local supermarket.
A little mortar orphan we have in our kitchen.
These are coriander seeds btw, a great spice.
The Post-it’s, mom & daughter
(again with that ARTA shop!)


8 02 2008

(Hebrew for ‘love’)

Hand cream mom and cub!

Another sighting

6 02 2008

This time at an ARTA shop – drawings supplies and the such. A great place – I found exactly the papers I needed for my portfolio, at a low price, and also found some stuff I didn’t even know I was looking for!

And of course, these two…

I’ve never seen such a tiny can of Fixative before.

Visit to the Office Supplies Store

3 02 2008

Is fertile ground for cubs sightings.

Like these glue sticks..

Dad: Son, I don’t want you playing with that kid anymore. We ain’t the same color.

Son: But dad, aren’t we all sticky on the inside?

And these happy MP3 father & son.

Look at him, proud of his boy, all ‘yeah, he’s 2 gigas by now, 2 gigas!’.

IKEA box family

1 02 2008

The first post isn’t just a cub, it’s a whole family!

It’s a set of boxes I bought at IKEA. Still pondering what I’ll put in them…